Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trips to the airport

This summer we have gone to the airport twice to send Shaun off to his dad's. Since both visits have been for extended periods of time, longer than he has ever gone before I was a bit sad (meaning tears and sobbing all the way home) and took a few pictures while we waited to happily pass the time.

We always go through Long Beach Airport and now they know him by name. They are super helpful and always take great care of him. Once we were running late and they even held the plane for us because they knew we were coming. They are really incredible. You can't beat only paying $2 for parking and leaving your house 1 hr before your flight leaves and making it with plenty of time to take silly pictures.

Shaun has suddenly decided that he does not want to pose for pictures. Yes, my ham, who would pose for anything and let me take pictures on end decided he would allow ONE picture and then he was done. Good thing, I never let that stand in my way. So here are all the pictures Shaun didn't want taken.

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