Friday, March 21, 2008

Manic Friday

Shaun was supposed to fly out to spend the weekend with his dad this morning at 6:45am. We got up early and arrived only about a 1/2 hour before the flight should have taken off but at a small airport like Long Beach that's usually more than enough time. Problem was that at that hour there is only one person working both the ticket counter and checking people in on the flight. So he left the ticket counter before we arrived and did not return until 1/2 hour after the flight took off.
So, he was booked onto the 9:54 flight. We drove back home to wait the 1 1/2 hours until we needed to leave for the next flight. We left with 60 minutes before his flight-it is a 20 min. drive, 4 min. walk, and 5 min. security, then 100 feet to the gate-total of 29 min-so 31 min early, right? It took us an hour and 10 min. No traffic, only 10 people in line ahead of us in security but even at 80 miles an hour, much faster than I normally drive, it took us 35 minutes to get there. By the time we arrived at the gate the flight was closed and they gave his seat away.
He was rescheduled for the 12:24pm flight. By this time I was in a frazzle. We left to get lunch. Then the strange thing happened. All morning my stomach had been in a knot. I figured it was the stress of everything, until we drove away. Suddenly a peace fell over me and I knew that for whatever reason Shaun was not supposed to be on either one of those flights. We got some lunch and then went to get him a haircut. (Clint always throws a fit when Shaun arrives with long hair. Both Shaun and I like the shaggy, surfer look but Clint wants clean cut and trimmed above the ears. Last time I sent him shaggy he came back with a buzz. I had just forgotten about getting it done before he left, so this "extra" time was a blessing.) We got to the airport over an hour early and I felt calm about the whole thing.
As I pulled into the airport I saw a car coming from a side street and I got like an almost evil feeling from it ( I don't know how else to describe it). I slowed down and just as they came to a stop at the stop sign they sped up and almost crashed right into us. Slamming on the brakes and swerving to the right, while they sped up and turned to the left, I was able to avoid them by inches. (I got the distinct impression that Satan was directing that car and didn't want him on this flight.) They drove on through as though nothing had happened.
We got through Security just fine and waited for about 40 min. His plane took off no problems. I feel as though Something beyond the vail has had a hand in my day and I have no idea why.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shaun's party

March 15 was Shaun's birthday party. I took him and two friends to the Aquarium of the pacific. It is an aquarium on the beach in downtown Long Beach.

Destiny, Shaun, and David

In the entry way is a figure of a blue whale-the largest mammal on earth.

Here it is from the other side with a baby to the right hand side of it.

There is a kids playground area and Shaun became a hermit crab.

Our first stop was the round rays. They are like the more well known manta rays only smaller and lighter in color.

Shaun is petting some sharks. They were all piled up along the side of the tank. They are rough not smooth like the rays. Sort of like fine grit sand paper.

There was one giant ray in the tank with the sharks. It was probably four feet across and it's body was about for feet long plus the three foot or so tail.
You're only supposed to touch them using two fingers that way you don't accidentally scratch them or grab them. They feel like really baby soft suede.
We also got to touch sea slugs and snails, star fish, sea anemone, and whatever the spiky things are that I can't remember their names. The kids leaned into the water to touch them and were wet all over by the time I pried them away. We used sanitizer to clean off our arms but we all tasted like salt for th rest of the day. Cake with a side of salty fingers is not so good.
We also got to see several displays. A guy was scuba diving in a tank with a great white, and some other sharks as well as a huge fish who's name I forget but it lives for up to 80 years and can weigh five hundred pounds.
the kids loved the Jelly fish most of all, especially the white florescent ones.
It was a fun day.

Amazing Sunset last week

Last Saturday I made the boys go shopping with me for Shaun's new clothes for his baptism. As a reward for behaving I took them to the beach .

Friday in February

A few weeks ago Shaun and I were bored one Friday afternoon so we headed to the beach. There was a storm coming in which created these incredible waves.
Shaun walking in front of the pier.

Beginnings of the sunset. Nice view, huh?

Playing at the playground.
Every winter the east side of the pier has this hill of sand piled up down the length of the beach. It helps protect the houses from the waves. And as you'll see sometimes they really need it. This wasn't even the worst of the waves or even a bad storm so you can only imagine.

Lone bird on the sand. I just thought it was a cool shot.

Parasurfers. It is awesome to watch them race across the water on their boards pulled by the speed of the wind.

The power of the waves has always fascinated me. There is a sense of power for a small girl to go out into the waves and not be conquered. I also loved coming home after a day at the beach, laying on my bed and still being able to feel the crash of the waves. I loved to fall asleep that way.

Afternoon of play Feb. 2008

Just a day at the park. Last month we had a couple of hours to kill to we headed to the park and he's so cute I just can't resist.

My dad is in a barber shop singing group. They were performing at Disneyland and so we were able to get passes to go. Disneyland is a good idea no matter when or why. It was the last Saturday before returning to school from Christmas break and it was supposed to rain so there were very few people and not a drop of rain.
We had to start on the train around the park first of course. We also got to go on the monorail which has recently reopened. I love the Jungle Cruise. We went on all the kids rides of course and Buzz Lightyear twice. We went on Big Thunder which is my favorite and I got Shaun to go with me on the Haunted House, and Pirates of the Carribean. Even though I had to drag him on those rides he still thought the worst part of the day was Nemo-basically bubbles with flashes of the movie against a rock. Definitely not worth the wait in line-just buy the movie, watch in under the covers in the dark with 40 people and you'll have a better time.
I love Disneyland and I decided that I should decorate my house like Disneyland. Living room like Frontier land. Kitchen like Snow White (apples). My bathroom like Nemo and my room like Little Mermaid and Lilo. Shaun wants Space Mountain for his room. I think it should be fun!

Check out our good time...Cheese face loves to drive in Autopia

Shaun went on the rockets with Grandpa. I was VERY grateful I got to skip the motion sickness!

In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki room.

I really like how this picture turned out. It's a Small World was incredible covered in all of these Christmas lights.

Shaun and I had to wait for Grandma to bring us the passes so we could get in.

I don't know how many times I have been on Autopia and never noticed this statue. Very cool.

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