Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shaken, not overly disturbed

That was the headline of an article about the earthquake today. All in all it was a small earthquake as earthquakes go, just 1% of the power of the Northridge quake in Jan 94. It seemed to last longer than I remembered but they always do. In truth it was only a few seconds. I had just sat down at my desk and it started to shake a little and I wasn't sure what was happening. Then the big jolt hit and tapered off to just the small rolling feeling that probably lasted 5 seconds, another slight jerking started only lasting another 5 seconds and then it was done.
My first thought of course was to duck under my desk-Southern Californian trained and true. Then I realized how much my desk was moving and I quickly lost faith that it would support the computer and stuff on it and changed my mind. I looked at the closest open door which happened to be open but be across from a large window. I moved on to a closed office door free from glass and stood there holding to the frame.
Quakes have never bothered me before but once I found myself a safe place my heart began to race at the thought of my poor little baby alone at day camp. With no way to contact him, my first instinct was to run the whole way over there. I completely could not relax not knowing how he would respond. There were a few large enough aftershocks but nothing to curl your toes over.

My "Poor baby" thought it was great. He was outside and thought one of the boys was pushing the tree he was standing next to. Once he realized it was shaking he remembered how I had told him that quakes were fun and he relaxed and enjoyed it. When I picked him up-amazing-was the word he kept using and he actually said he wished we could have another one soon.

My dad also said he kind of enjoyed it and Erin asked if it was fun so we may disprove the headline. I think that treating an earthquake as an E-ticket ride (those of you oldies who remember tickets for Disneyland) qualifies us as a special kind of So. Californian disturbed.

Monday, July 28, 2008

wild life

I was walking toward the grocery store and noticed a little critter running down the sidewalk. He saw me and turned around and ran home-to the Palm tree.

that's a native southern california, buena park squirrel.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's been a while

It's been a while since I updated this. This should catch you up. We are still at my parents house but as always looking for an apartment. My job as the Workers' Comp Admin. comes to an end on Friday. I have roughly a month off until school starts so I'm looking for a temp job or something to fill my time. A week of my "summer vacation" will be busy spending quality time with my littlest sis. (age not height) and her 2 1/2 children. Yep, one on the way. We all think it's a boy-we'll know in a couple of weeks.
I have read several good books lately. "Age of Innocence" was good-except the ending which I hated. There was a movie a couple years ago but I didn't see it because it was rated R. The thing that bothers me is that the greatest part of the book was that there was nothing to make their relationship immoral except emotions, I really want to know what the movie writer could possibly done to the story to screw it up so that it would have to be rated R. Adding immorality would change the whole story to lust instead of love.
Dragonhaven by Robin McKinley was good too. It is about a teenager who rescues a dragon, which is illegal, and he has to raise it secretly in a national preserve. The only thing I don't like about her books is the beginning. She starts them out like you've missed the first 2 minutes of a 5 minute conversation. It takes the first chapter to decipher who is even talking and why.

We also went to see "Journey to the center of the earth" totally fun! I haven't ever read the book so I think I would enjoy the movie even more if I had. It is not the movie version of the book it is a new story based from the book. It stars Brendan Frasier which is always nice too. A few parts Shaun was a little bit nervous but if your kids like adventures it is a definitely good movie for them. They also leave it open for a sequel with the book Atlantis. Maybe I'll read that one and be ready for the next movie before it comes out.

That's about it for now, having fun in the sun (with sunscreen of course), shauna

Another round of baseball

Shaun has started the second round of baseball clinic at Cypress college. I think that if we keep practicing he will do well enough to play next year in the league.

He really has a good grasp on throwing-as long as the person on the receiving end has a mitt to protect his hand. He and his dad have practiced throwing "bullets" and my hand can attest to the fact that he's getting better all the time.

Way to field the grounder.

Hitting is still his favorite part though.
Yesterday the couch started a game-kids against parents. The parents lost miserably. I hit first and got to 2nd. A dad got out at first. Another base hit and I went to 3rd and then when the next dad hit I ran home-no kid was going to catch that fly-the coach did though and so I was out as I ran back. Other parents forgot to run, and completely missed hitting the ball off the tee, so all in all not too bad except that the kids had scored 5 runs and beat our measly 2 runs-Shaun got to 2nd and I tickled him so he couldn't run, but he got home anyway.

Silly cat hats are for boys

We still have the cats that my mom has been fostering. They are several months old now and get into everything. Their favorite interests include unrolling the whole roll of toilet paper, playing with shoes, and climbing inside Shaun's hat-yes, they actually do this to themselves. And your not allowed to walk past them without petting them or they will reach out and grab your arm with their "hands".

4th of July

We went to the ward 4th of July pancake breakfast. The cub scouts and boy scouts performed the flag raising. It was a fun morning. Like usual we went over to the Cardons' house to watch the fireworks from the Military base in Los Alamitos. Their backyard backs up against the base and everyone brings something, we have dinner and play until the fireworks start. We can also go over and look at the planes and tanks. They do fly overs too! David came along for the fun.

New gymnastics

A few weeks ago we transfered Shaun to a new gymnastics class. Lakewood city has a great class for a third of the price of the one in Los Alamitos. The teachers are much more attentive and the class is divided up by age groups. He has gotten to do so much more practice on the uneven bars and for the first time on the vault. His favorite part is the beam-doing V sits, sitting on the beam with your legs pulled up toward your chest to form a V. His next favorite is the vault-doing squat overs, jumping over with your hands on the vault and your legs go through your arms.

Toothless grin

As far as tooth loss, Shaun has been slightly behind the curve but he is quickly catching up.
He lost his first and second tooth in 1st grade and now teeth three, four, and five have fallen out. The second tooth to the left on the bottom came out as a result of his friend, David, kicking him in the mouth at Gymnastics. The two top front teeth came out the natural way but sure took their time. They held on till the bitter end.

This tooth could be turned around and around and hung by just a thread for several days.

Poor Shaun, he's missing so many teeth all he can eat is yogurt and Ramen, just kidding.
I hope his permanent teeth grow in better than mine did or I'm going to have a doosy of a Orthodontic bill. Besides, it would be a shame to mess up such a cute smile.

Goofy Boy

Sometimes maybe you get a thought and you begin to wonder about something. You see the cat tree and you begin to consider that maybe you will fit in it or maybe just your head will fit in it, or maybe not!
I was walking past the cat tree and noticed there was a young boy stuck in behind it.
I couldn't resist stopping to take a few pictures of him before I got him loose.

Not a happy Camper.
Say Cheese!

Slip 'n' slidding

It was a hot afternoon so I headed to Walmart to pick up some summer fun. Dual sided Spiderman slip n slide-it doesn't get any better than that.

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