Sunday, February 3, 2008

Since the whole family was together for Thanksgiving we went to get family pictures taken.

We wanted a picture of just the grandkids. They had taken a few shots when Kenzie, the baby, decided she was done and began to crawl away. I was sitting off to the left. I grabbed her and swung her back into place and then scurried out of the frame. This is the picture I loved the best because all of the kids are still looking at me and you can almost see whats going through their heads "crazy Aunt Shauna" and "My mom is nuts."
You cannot deny we make beautiful babies!!!!

The whole family: Left top Erin and her husband Justin, Next row down is me, my brother Mark Alan, Timarie's husband Mark, and Timarie. My parents are in the middle with Kaleena beside them, Kenzie on grandma's lap, Shaun is the only boy, Madzie in front of Shaun and Trianna on the other side.

Here is our updated picture. The last one we had taken was when Shaun was 3 years old. I think he is the cutest thing in the world! He's such a character too. I sat on the chair and he came right up to me and planted a big kiss on my cheek and said "take a picture of this", and did it again to make sure they got it! This picture is better though because you can see his cute face.

Family Fun Center

We went to a family fun center and the kids got to ride the rides, drive the mini race cars, shoot water at each other on the bumper boats, and climb the wall. They did each several times and had a blast!

Shaun, of course, finds the train!

Thomas and Friends

Every year we go see Thomas. Even though Shaun is almost 8 we still love to go see Thomas the Tank Engine. He comes to Perris, CA. every November.

This year Bob the Builder came along too. We got to see his show and take a picture with Lego Bob. Shaun, of course, had to make a goofy face.

Lego Thomas too!

Kids Thanksgiving weekend

Madzie, Trianna, and Shaun practicing gymnastics in the backyard.

Kenzie loves the cat tent, she tried to take it with her everywhere she went.

The kids collected unripe, still yellow and green, oranges and were beating them on the brick wall to make "lemonade." It sure made the backyard smell good though.


The family meets for Thanksgiving dinner. It's not very often that we are all together.

Kenzie and Tom the cat take a moment to make friends. Yes, Tom is a huge cat!!!

Kenzie stole and orange from the big kids and she is not giving it up!!!!

Shaun and Santa

Shaun got to see Santa at the Ward Christmas party. Luckily he told Santa that he wanted something that Santa was already planning on bringing him! They always do a wonderful job decorating!

Christmas 2007

We celebrated Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Stokes' house. Aunt Timarie, Uncle Mark, Kaleena, Trianna, and Uncle Mark Alan came for presents and dinner. Santa came there too! We celebrated on Monday Dec. 24th because Shaun was heading to his dad's house for two weeks. These kids were lucky that Santa was willing to make and extra special early trip to bring them their presents.

Here we are saying goodbye at the airport. Kalee and I get to go past security because Shaun is an unaccompanied minor. We have to sit and wait until his plane takes off before we can leave.

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