Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Shaun is practicing his handstands. He does cartwheels pretty well, somersaults, straddle rolls, back rolls into a handstand (almost), and he is working on bridges. He isn't very flexible but he makes up for it with effort. He absolutely loves it!

My Monkey

At the Community College, where Shaun has his baseball clinic, is the best climbing tree a boy could wish for. Shaun never let a moment pass without climbing this tree. All of the boys were amazed how high he could climb and how fast he could do it. Throughout the weeks he managed to get higher and higher.

Just too cool.


Shaun was involved in a baseball camp at the Community College. It lasted eight weeks and his abilities have grown and he really loves it. He'll do it again in July and August.

Here's Shaun, not too thrilled to be in the outfield.
He does a great job at bat. One of the best at the camp.
He also tries to be the pitcher.
Running bases.

Shaun plays 2nd base. Close enough to the action to keep him entertained but he doesn't have to work as hard as first base.

Throwing home.
Way to guard that base.
Throw it in.
His certificate of completion.

Memorial Day

I didn't have anything planned for Memorial Day so Shaun and I went to Boomers.

First there was mini golf-giving Tiger Woods a run for his money.

Of course if there is something to climb, Shaun will be on top.

It was about 100 degrees so neither of us minded getting soaked!

Shaun rode the kids train, was there any doubt?

And the Ferris Wheel. I even managed to not get sick.

The view from the top
Once again, Shaun climbs, everything he can.

Coming down.
Back up the harder side.
And up once more.

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