Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Catching you up

Fun thing-yes, I may be a dumb blonde but for the first time in my life I noticed that there were fish in the waves at the beach the other day. I've seen pictures of fish in waves but never in person. They were probably there but I was too busy having a ball.
We went to the beach several times in one week before school started and had a blast. We just didn't have anything fun to do so we slipped on the suits, grabbed the boards, and hit the beach. The waves were great because the wind was up. We had such a good time we kept going back until school ruined our good time but I guess all things must come to an end.
Thoughtful moment the other day. I was walking out of my temp job and just felt tired-emotionally worn out. I said to myself that I want to go home. I thought of my comfy couch, curling up in the corner. Then I remembered-I DON'T HAVE A HOME, Then the scripture entered my head about Christ and having no where to lay his head, no home. I guess atleast I'm learning something.
My poor car hit 200,000 miles. I have had it for almost 10 years, many trips from Utah to CA and back. I've gone to New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Northern CA. I love my car-even if it has power nothing and sounds like a law mower going down the highway.
Last but not least-da-da-da-da- I HAVE AN APARTMENT!!!!! I also have a roommate but nothing is perfect. My biggest worry is me. I have not had a roommate since before my mission. Do I have the patience to handle it not being my own house? Can I do this? Happy thoughts! Wait and see. It is in Los Al, across the street from the park, two blocks from school, one block from Shaun's best friends house, three blocks from Church, and half mile from the high school and middle schools where I usually work. We can ride our bikes almost anywhere which saves gas and wear and tear on my over 200,000 miles car. Now the fun game trying to fit all of my stuff inside. I may end up sleeping on the patio or the back area so that I can fit the piano.
Have a great evening guys, Love ya, Shauna

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