Friday, April 25, 2008

Rock Climbing

For Shaun's birthday present Uncle Mark Alan took him rock climbing. Shaun had been once before and he really enjoyed it again. I always knew he was a monkey but these pictures prove it!

Just hanging out way up there
Say cheese.
Don't look down!
Literally hanging upside down off of a cliff.

As long as he's content to do this in a harness on fake rock walls I'm ok with it. I think we will have to go rock climbing a lot more often. I think it may become one of our new sports and hobbies.

David's Birthday Party

Shaun's friend David had his birthday party at Prehistoric Pets. It is a pet store with displays and opportunities for the kids to interact with the animals.

First each of the kids was given meal worms to feed to the turtles and fishes. There were tons of them in this little pond and the island created in the middle. They would come up and bite the worms right off the tweezers.
One of the turtles bit so hard that it grabbed the tweezers right out of Shaun's hand.
Tons of turtles

For the party she brought out different animals that we got to pet and hold. David got to be the first with each animal, sometimes it was scary, other times it was cool!
This green frog jumped out of Shaun's hand and landed on my foot. I kind of freaked a little because it was cold and sticky.
It looks almost plastic, doesn't it?
When the show began, she asked David if he was afraid of any animals. He answered that he is only afraid of big spiders. I guess he better get over that fear pretty quick.

Yes, that is a scorpion. We couldn't handle it because there is no safe way to remove the stinger.
This is a huge tortoise. She had to drag him out because he was too heavy for her to lift.
This is a baby tortoise. He was really cute but they have very rough legs to protect themselves from rough ground. Each of the kids got to sit on him. He is strong enough to lift up Shaun and begin to walk around. Shaun weighs 65lbs. so carrying him is really impressive.

Big Lizard!!!!!!!!!!
She made the boys stand up in front and hold out their arms with their eyes closed. They didn't know what was coming.
Big snake!!!!!!!!!!!

Shaun's Baptism

Saturday, March 29, 2008 was Shaun's baptism.
Getting there was a rough road. Three weeks before, our records were switched to my parent's ward and since I don't have an address in the ward it was a trick getting them back.
Shaun also had to decide who to have baptize him and who to confirm him. It was a difficult decision to be baptized when your dad can't do it. There were many tears shed in making the decision to get baptized anyway.
Clint, and his parents and Shaun's cousin, Easton, were able to fly in on Friday night. Erin and her girls and Timarie, Mark, and their girls, and my cousin, Lindsey, and her husband, Jared, came down during the week before. There were several other people there from the ward too.
There was one other boy there to be baptized. His name was Shaun, too. Even spelled the same. When I first saw his name listed on the program I temporarily panicked thinking that they had misprinted his last name.
It was neat that Shaun was baptized in the same building that I and my brother and sisters were. Our ward is in the same Stake that I grew up in.

All ready in white.
Finally we have a picture of the three of us. The last picture we had taken was when Shaun was one. Anytime that Shaun needs a "family" picture at school he insists that it includes the three of us and I have used the same old picture over and over.
Clint's dad baptized Shaun
My dad confirmed him. It was very special for me. The only Priesthood blessing that Shaun has ever received was when he was a baby and received a name and blessing. We had it at our home so that my parents could be there and Shaun cried so loud that no one heard a word of it, not even those in the circle. It was overwhelming to me to hear the blessings pronounced that he would grow and receive the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthoods and that he would serve a mission. He was blessed to be a pleasure to his parents, and he really is. He is such a good kid!
Shaun, his grandparents, dad, and cousin Easton.

My family: Jared, Lindsey, my dad, me, my mom, Shaun, Erin holding Kenzie, Kalee, Madzie, Tri is turned around, Riley is an extra, Timarie and Mark.
Shaun is trying to put up rabbit ears behind Easton and Easton tries to stop him.
Now Shaun has rabbit ears care of Easton.
Kenzie thinks she is grown up and can do it herself!
Kalee, Madzie, Shaun, and Tri check out his new computer. Clint found a deal where you buy one kids computer (it is supposed to be indestructible) and the company donates one to underpriviledged kids in another country.

It was a full week and weekend. I totally enjoyed it. Having family around is so nice, I keep trying to convince everyone to move back to So. Cal. Next time hopefully we'll have more room. His baptism was all that I hoped for him. He got a new journal and new scriptures for his birthday. He received a few tie tacks and a hold to the rod key chain. I was grateful for those who came to share the day with us! It really made me realize that Shaun is growing up and someday will be a young man. I need to make extra sure that he is learning what he needs to know and having the spiritual experiences to develope his own testimony and faith. It will be an immense blessing to continue to see him grow and become the incredible young man that he has the potential to be. I'm so blessed to be his mom!


We don't get to see Erin and the girls as much as we would like so I always take too many pictures of them when they do come! Besides that Madzie and Kenzie ars so cute who could resist!

Shaun and Madzie "find Waldo"

Kenzie found Shaun's hat and decided that it only fit well if it was on backwards.
Kenzie entertained us by sticking her fingers in her ears and sticking her tongue in and out of her mouth and making noises.
Madzie is still looking for Waldo
Grandma and Kenzie, cheetos make a baby happy!
Grampa, Erin and Kenzie.

Spring Break

The week before Shaun's baptism was spring break so his cousins and my cousins and sisters came for a visit. It was lots of fun to spend time with family! Most days it was just nice to hang out together and let the kids play. Everyone stayed with us, so we had Lindsey and Jared in the toy room, Erin and Kenzie in my room, Timarie and Mark in the livingroom, and all the kids and I out in the tent in the back yard. Mostly the kids get along, but of course the girls are not used to having a boy around and Shaun can be quite a boy when he is climbing things, teasing them unceasingly, or wrestling around. It doesn't always go over very well with the girly girl cousins.

Of course we took Lindsey and Jared to the beach. Seal Beach was too cold to swim but the kids didn't mind and good ol' Jared went in with them.

The Temple was another great stop to make. Newport Beach Temple on the west side has fountains.


My mom fosters cats and kittens until they can be adopted. These kittens came to her when they were about a week old. Their eyes weren't even open. She had to bottle feed them. There is also a mom with 5 other kittens but since they have a momma with them they don't have to be fed and cared for. They are starting to roam around the house now and are so cute! They will be here until they can be neutered and then will be adopted by a family.

"Gato" likes to climb in shoes and hats. He and Shaun watch tv together.

"Gato" explores the entertainment center.

"Ms. Maggie Spot" climbed into Shaun's hat. She flipped over and had to crawl out.

Two cute cats.

Shaun and "Ms. Maggie"

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