Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Break

The week before Shaun's baptism was spring break so his cousins and my cousins and sisters came for a visit. It was lots of fun to spend time with family! Most days it was just nice to hang out together and let the kids play. Everyone stayed with us, so we had Lindsey and Jared in the toy room, Erin and Kenzie in my room, Timarie and Mark in the livingroom, and all the kids and I out in the tent in the back yard. Mostly the kids get along, but of course the girls are not used to having a boy around and Shaun can be quite a boy when he is climbing things, teasing them unceasingly, or wrestling around. It doesn't always go over very well with the girly girl cousins.

Of course we took Lindsey and Jared to the beach. Seal Beach was too cold to swim but the kids didn't mind and good ol' Jared went in with them.

The Temple was another great stop to make. Newport Beach Temple on the west side has fountains.

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