Friday, April 25, 2008

David's Birthday Party

Shaun's friend David had his birthday party at Prehistoric Pets. It is a pet store with displays and opportunities for the kids to interact with the animals.

First each of the kids was given meal worms to feed to the turtles and fishes. There were tons of them in this little pond and the island created in the middle. They would come up and bite the worms right off the tweezers.
One of the turtles bit so hard that it grabbed the tweezers right out of Shaun's hand.
Tons of turtles

For the party she brought out different animals that we got to pet and hold. David got to be the first with each animal, sometimes it was scary, other times it was cool!
This green frog jumped out of Shaun's hand and landed on my foot. I kind of freaked a little because it was cold and sticky.
It looks almost plastic, doesn't it?
When the show began, she asked David if he was afraid of any animals. He answered that he is only afraid of big spiders. I guess he better get over that fear pretty quick.

Yes, that is a scorpion. We couldn't handle it because there is no safe way to remove the stinger.
This is a huge tortoise. She had to drag him out because he was too heavy for her to lift.
This is a baby tortoise. He was really cute but they have very rough legs to protect themselves from rough ground. Each of the kids got to sit on him. He is strong enough to lift up Shaun and begin to walk around. Shaun weighs 65lbs. so carrying him is really impressive.

Big Lizard!!!!!!!!!!
She made the boys stand up in front and hold out their arms with their eyes closed. They didn't know what was coming.
Big snake!!!!!!!!!!!

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