Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First day of school 9/1/10

Posing for pictures before school.
I simply can't believe that my little boy is now a fifth grader!!!
Hasn't anyone invented that potion that keeps them small until mom's are ready for them to grow?

Shaun is HOME

I found out that Disneyland allows you to finance passes. Disney passes are one of those justifiable debts right? Anyway, we now have them and headed off on Tues. when he got home from his dad's.
We were sitting on the Monorail and Shaun leaned againt my arm and told me it was one of the best days of his life. Passes $30 mo, cute kid who appreciates it $Priceless.

Back tracking

Shaun's hair cut. Not bad for a mommy the night before he left for his dad's for the summer. This is also before it's been combed, first thing in the morning.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shaun's trampoline

This was Shaun's birthday present. I had a whole birthday party planned but all the kids wanted to do was jump on the trampoline. His friends and cousins come over and will spend all day playing on and around it. Best $ ever spent.

Stuff I missed blogging about

Baseball season championship game. Shaun's team came in second place for the season but won the championship game. Two trophies. Look at that smile...

bigger and better perspective

I haven't blogged here for months. I wish I had a better excuse.

So often life gets in the way of focusing on what is important. How do clean dishes get in the way of Family Home evening? or being too tired from work means I fall asleep before prayer with Shaun. My attempt to create a way to support myself so I can get into a position to stay home with Shaun has actually created a second job and could take up another 20-40 hours each week of my time.
I am exhausted body and soul and often on the brink of tears as I try to plod along, making do.
Then there are rare moments when I remember the real meaning of things. ('s not a clean kitchen floor or a well done toe nails)
In these moments I remember "the plan", the reason we came to earth. We have these families and they are our salvation. They are the people that teach us humility and patience, love regardless of what we or they have done, happiness and support. Our kids teach us love beyond measure and how not to kill someone who might very well deserve it. We learn that temporal things are not as important as the tender feelings of a small person. We sacrifice and devote ourselves to their happiness and somehow we are happier for the loss.
There are so many things I would like to do, I have so many plans I wish I could follow through on. I want goals and accomplishments. I want to feel useful and needed. I tend to mix up "my plans" with "His plan". I tend to mix up temporal and spiritual. I tend to give priority to that which lives for today instead of that which brings "life eternal".
I don't really have cure for it, I don't know exactly how to fix it. Only the constant reminders as I read scripture, attend church and listen to the words of the Prophet and Apostles and of course my own quite personal prayers.
Just get through today, do my best, and wake up and try again tomorrow. When I decide "my plans" for the day, I will try to put "His plans" first and let the rest fall in how and where it may.

Friday, March 26, 2010

New family picture

Our pictures didn't really turn out well when we did them in Nov. with the rest of the family. Thanks to Becca and Photoshop we have a picture i like.

St Patty's day aka Shaun's Birthday

Shaun the happy leprechaun. Happy 10th birthday silly boy!

Rancho Los Cerritos

We went for an after school field trip to Rancho Los Cerritos in Long Beach.

Each of the kids were given a hoop and a stick. They had to try to roll them around and use the stick to keep them going.
All the boys had a great time, they spent about 20 min and were still complaining that they had to stop.
Even I got in on the action.
The next game involved two sticks and a smaller hoop. By crossing the sticks inside the hoop and then pulling them apart the hoop was sent flying.
Sooyoung and Shaun played catch.
Punching tin. They each punched small holes a small tin piece to make a pattern or picture.
Just cute! Blue eyes, freckles, and mom's side ways smile.

that time of year...

Once's time for baseball. Shaun is doing much better. He is hitting the ball every game. He's on the Cubs this year, still mustang level (9 and 10 year olds)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shaun's coat

Being home yesterday I was able to make Shaun's coat. I forgot to take pictures on the process, but here is the end result.
Can you tell he likes orange? and black fleece inside, toasty warm.

How to crawl to mom

1. Smile at Aunt Shauna.
2. Rest it's a lot of work being cute.
3. Crawl bravely through the under the table route, cry when you find out it's not as much fun as it sounded.

Christmas, finally

I bet you didn't know that Dec. 31 doubles as Christmas day in a small corner of CA.
Shaun came home from his dad's house a day late due to weather and a tempting offer of $400 Delta dollars for taking a flight the next day.
Once we arrived home and met the doggy we packed up the presents and headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

A wrapped sphere, that bounces, what oh what can it be?
A basketball! Who could have guessed?
New skateboard.
Boarding before he can walk.
Cool dude!
Super Mario DS case.
Spike the Webkinz, from Uncle Mark Alan
Presents to the cousins

The elusive zhu zhu pet.
board games, loads of family fun.
Grandma made him pillowcases...
...and a quilt-awesome Hawaiian prints.
Grandpa and Grandma got presents too...and ice cream maker-can't wait for summer.

Christmas present

The newest addition to our family is a happy, healthy one year old-ish lab/ shepherd mix. He was found by some wonderful people in the skid row area of LA. They were able to coax him in and kept him in their office. I got an email forwarded to me about a lost puppy. After a few days thought I replied and nobody else had asked for him yet. Christmas eve he came home with me. We got to spend a good week together before Shaun got home. He is a good puppy (although still a puppy). He was obviously someone's dog, as long as he's on a leash he is a perfectly obedient dog, the second he is off he becomes the most disobedient creature, usually taking off for the dog next door.
Shaun's eyes were so big when he opened the front door to see a doggy standing there. "a dog, for real? To keep?" He named him Shiloh, after a book we had read together.

The bone was left out in the rain and came untwisted. He loves to play tug of war.

His favorite game is fetch. Fetch in the house is especially funny. I stand in the livingroom against the far wall and throw the rawhide bone toward the kitchen. He bounces after it trying to stop at the last minute. The kitchen floor usually sends him sliding into the cupboards at the far end. Shiloh loves it though, he gets the bone, brings it back then bounces after it, tumbling to a stop every time.
Shaun loves him, even if he gets annoyed some times-usually when Shiloh jumps on him to get his attention and ask for love.
He is a crazy dog that loves to move our shoes. Yes, move-he doesn't chew-just move, all of our shoes. I almost killed him one night though when he knocked over the Christmas tree and chewed two of my childhood ornaments (from 1979 and 1981 from my Grandparents). Whenever he gets out of the yard he runs over to the neighbors to try play with their dog. He has also jumped on the neighbor who is 9 months pregnant. Our cat also disappeared for 2 weeks. It was a direct protest for the arrival of the dog. He comes to me when I call him but I have to carry him to the house and protect him from the dog while he eats and naps.

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