Sunday, August 14, 2011

Violin Recital

Shaun's first violin recital. He's hiding in the left hand corner.

My handsome boy.

Dastardly Dog

One afternoon the dog freaked out. He freaks out every time we leave him alone at home.
He tore up the carpet...all the way down to the concrete...
He tore down the blinds and through the window sill...down to the studs...

But I was able to repair it was some spare wallboard and A LOT of wall putty!
A little paint and nobody will ever know..shhhhhhhh!

Cub Scouts- Calico

The cub scouts had to take a trip with the boy scouts to pass off one of their requirements. They went to Calico ranch.

The story goes that this man had one leg shorter than the other and so he built his house tilting to that he could walk across the floor evenly. Of course, I wonder what happened when he walked back the other way and his shorter leg was now twice as short???
Shaun has to lean to stand up straight.
Focus hard, there is a broom standing up straight at an angle.

Soda and Mentos

Target had a small toy that makes creating this fountain really easy.

This is what happens when you mix soda and mentos. In his stocking Shaun received a small tube with a pin at the bottom attached to a string. You fill the tube with mentos and attach it to the top of the open soda bottle. The pin keeps the mentos from falling in immediately. The string allows you to pull the pin from a safe distance. Once the two of them mix, POW, soda geiser.
Hint: if you try this at home (and I suggest you do) use diet soda, it isn't sticky and can be easily rinsed off concrete or people.

Christmas 2010

So after the third time the dog knocked over the tree I put it on top of the table and it worked like a charm.
Christmas was a fun morning. Shaun received a castle/ Club house. Just what every 10 year old boy/ knight needs.

The monster puppy got a present from Santa. His favorite wubba chew toy.
The new Bakugan Nintendo DS game.
The whole stash, Thanks Santa.
Yatzee, always fun.
Bakugan. They are little transformer type toys. They open up with a magnet.
Playdough, in every possible color.
Shaun is nuts for penguins. This is a 3D puzzle, adult penguin and baby penguin.
Shauna's present: the pineapple slicer. Shaun loves pineapple, but I hate to cut it, so Thank you Pampered Chef, and Santa of course.

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