Friday, April 25, 2008


My mom fosters cats and kittens until they can be adopted. These kittens came to her when they were about a week old. Their eyes weren't even open. She had to bottle feed them. There is also a mom with 5 other kittens but since they have a momma with them they don't have to be fed and cared for. They are starting to roam around the house now and are so cute! They will be here until they can be neutered and then will be adopted by a family.

"Gato" likes to climb in shoes and hats. He and Shaun watch tv together.

"Gato" explores the entertainment center.

"Ms. Maggie Spot" climbed into Shaun's hat. She flipped over and had to crawl out.

Two cute cats.

Shaun and "Ms. Maggie"

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