Sunday, July 27, 2008

Toothless grin

As far as tooth loss, Shaun has been slightly behind the curve but he is quickly catching up.
He lost his first and second tooth in 1st grade and now teeth three, four, and five have fallen out. The second tooth to the left on the bottom came out as a result of his friend, David, kicking him in the mouth at Gymnastics. The two top front teeth came out the natural way but sure took their time. They held on till the bitter end.

This tooth could be turned around and around and hung by just a thread for several days.

Poor Shaun, he's missing so many teeth all he can eat is yogurt and Ramen, just kidding.
I hope his permanent teeth grow in better than mine did or I'm going to have a doosy of a Orthodontic bill. Besides, it would be a shame to mess up such a cute smile.

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