Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shaken, not overly disturbed

That was the headline of an article about the earthquake today. All in all it was a small earthquake as earthquakes go, just 1% of the power of the Northridge quake in Jan 94. It seemed to last longer than I remembered but they always do. In truth it was only a few seconds. I had just sat down at my desk and it started to shake a little and I wasn't sure what was happening. Then the big jolt hit and tapered off to just the small rolling feeling that probably lasted 5 seconds, another slight jerking started only lasting another 5 seconds and then it was done.
My first thought of course was to duck under my desk-Southern Californian trained and true. Then I realized how much my desk was moving and I quickly lost faith that it would support the computer and stuff on it and changed my mind. I looked at the closest open door which happened to be open but be across from a large window. I moved on to a closed office door free from glass and stood there holding to the frame.
Quakes have never bothered me before but once I found myself a safe place my heart began to race at the thought of my poor little baby alone at day camp. With no way to contact him, my first instinct was to run the whole way over there. I completely could not relax not knowing how he would respond. There were a few large enough aftershocks but nothing to curl your toes over.

My "Poor baby" thought it was great. He was outside and thought one of the boys was pushing the tree he was standing next to. Once he realized it was shaking he remembered how I had told him that quakes were fun and he relaxed and enjoyed it. When I picked him up-amazing-was the word he kept using and he actually said he wished we could have another one soon.

My dad also said he kind of enjoyed it and Erin asked if it was fun so we may disprove the headline. I think that treating an earthquake as an E-ticket ride (those of you oldies who remember tickets for Disneyland) qualifies us as a special kind of So. Californian disturbed.

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  1. Haha! As long as they aren't too destructive, I love Earthquakes. I was so jealous I wasn't there! I remember the Northridge quake the best and since we were so far from the epicenter that one was fun too! I helped save Sheila's kittens from drowning in her pool water that was being toss all over the yard, hehe.


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