Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another round of baseball

Shaun has started the second round of baseball clinic at Cypress college. I think that if we keep practicing he will do well enough to play next year in the league.

He really has a good grasp on throwing-as long as the person on the receiving end has a mitt to protect his hand. He and his dad have practiced throwing "bullets" and my hand can attest to the fact that he's getting better all the time.

Way to field the grounder.

Hitting is still his favorite part though.
Yesterday the couch started a game-kids against parents. The parents lost miserably. I hit first and got to 2nd. A dad got out at first. Another base hit and I went to 3rd and then when the next dad hit I ran home-no kid was going to catch that fly-the coach did though and so I was out as I ran back. Other parents forgot to run, and completely missed hitting the ball off the tee, so all in all not too bad except that the kids had scored 5 runs and beat our measly 2 runs-Shaun got to 2nd and I tickled him so he couldn't run, but he got home anyway.

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