Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Park day with cousins

Erna and her girls came to visit. We headed to the park for a morning of fun! The moms in our ward get together on Tues. mornings for an hour at the park. It lets the kids work out their energy and moms get to socialize at an adult level. The boys were bored because they come to this park a lot and so there's nothing new but the little kids and the girls who haven't been here a million times thought it was great.
Erin, Sheila, Rylie, and Kenzie's curls (yes, she now has hair!!!)
Madzie on the swing.
Madzie on the swing again.
Kenzie opened her day presents from Aunt Timarie, Uncle Mark, Kal, and Tri.
More presents.
"Thank you"
The boys found the perfect climbing tree.

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