Saturday, August 30, 2008

Travel Museum

After a fun filled Primary Olympics activity this morning we headed to Griffith park for a little Train Time. As always we are train fans. I keep wondering if he will ever out grow this fascination with trains but I am more than happy to reinforce it as long as it lasts.

I wanted a picture of Shaun on the outside of the train. I was standing there waiting for him to come out and suddenly he is climbing down from the top of the train and onto the front. Luckily, I trust him to not fall and hurt himself.

This is the side plate that he walked along in order to get to the front of the train. He climbed out the front window to get up there.



This is the small train that we got to ride on.

I just love this train for the colors, no black and boring here.

There were some random spare wheels just left at the end of the tracks so of course Shaun had to climb on them.

Once we finished here we went for a drive around the park. We saw an awesome playground and then a sign that said train rides and pony rides. We kept driving and found them. Shaun didn't get to ride on the pony because they closed too early but we went on another train ride which was much more exciting. It went over bridges and through a forest. They had statues of forest animals scattered throughout and Snow white and the dwarves as well.
All in all a fun afternoon and we will definitely have to do it again.

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  1. Wow, sounds like you guys had a fun time! It's nice that you can just get up and drive to places like that! Lucky girl!


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