Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friday in February

A few weeks ago Shaun and I were bored one Friday afternoon so we headed to the beach. There was a storm coming in which created these incredible waves.
Shaun walking in front of the pier.

Beginnings of the sunset. Nice view, huh?

Playing at the playground.
Every winter the east side of the pier has this hill of sand piled up down the length of the beach. It helps protect the houses from the waves. And as you'll see sometimes they really need it. This wasn't even the worst of the waves or even a bad storm so you can only imagine.

Lone bird on the sand. I just thought it was a cool shot.

Parasurfers. It is awesome to watch them race across the water on their boards pulled by the speed of the wind.

The power of the waves has always fascinated me. There is a sense of power for a small girl to go out into the waves and not be conquered. I also loved coming home after a day at the beach, laying on my bed and still being able to feel the crash of the waves. I loved to fall asleep that way.

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