Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shaun's party

March 15 was Shaun's birthday party. I took him and two friends to the Aquarium of the pacific. It is an aquarium on the beach in downtown Long Beach.

Destiny, Shaun, and David

In the entry way is a figure of a blue whale-the largest mammal on earth.

Here it is from the other side with a baby to the right hand side of it.

There is a kids playground area and Shaun became a hermit crab.

Our first stop was the round rays. They are like the more well known manta rays only smaller and lighter in color.

Shaun is petting some sharks. They were all piled up along the side of the tank. They are rough not smooth like the rays. Sort of like fine grit sand paper.

There was one giant ray in the tank with the sharks. It was probably four feet across and it's body was about for feet long plus the three foot or so tail.
You're only supposed to touch them using two fingers that way you don't accidentally scratch them or grab them. They feel like really baby soft suede.
We also got to touch sea slugs and snails, star fish, sea anemone, and whatever the spiky things are that I can't remember their names. The kids leaned into the water to touch them and were wet all over by the time I pried them away. We used sanitizer to clean off our arms but we all tasted like salt for th rest of the day. Cake with a side of salty fingers is not so good.
We also got to see several displays. A guy was scuba diving in a tank with a great white, and some other sharks as well as a huge fish who's name I forget but it lives for up to 80 years and can weigh five hundred pounds.
the kids loved the Jelly fish most of all, especially the white florescent ones.
It was a fun day.

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