Tuesday, August 25, 2009


One calm Sunday afternoon, Shaun and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. When suddenly a hummingbird nearly ran us down. We dodged left and right and it swooped up and away. Only then did we notice that our neighbors have feeders and that there were several (about 8) hummingbirds coming to feed there.
So, like any good weekend photographer I pulled out my trusty, really old, pretty slow camera and shot away. There's a problem when you combine a very fast bird with a very slow camera and that is that you have to anticipate where the bird is going to be several seconds ahead of time. With hummingbirds this is nearly impossible. Here is the fruit of my labors. I took pictures for 15 minutes before they noticed that two people were standing on the sidewalk taking pictures of their house for over 15 min and started to get paranoid and close blinds. We left before they could call the cops to arrest us for photographing the air around where birds should have been.

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