Friday, August 21, 2009

"Fake Camping"

This summer while Shaun has been gone I have been very lazy about posting, so here is what we have done.

I wanted to go camping and invited my sister and her family to go with us. We ended up going "fake camping" Notice the camp ground, mowed lawns, paved walkways, and even a laundromat. We got there late and were literally blowing up air mattresses at 10pm. (sorry, everybody who was sleeping). It was a little adventurous. We were visited by a raccoon the size of a large dog. Skunks in the bathrooms, and a mountain lion on the hill.

Except for paying $30 and still having to go to the bathroom in the bushes (I'm not going in any bathroom where there are skunks!) it was a good time for family fun.

No matter what, if there is a tree, Shaun will climb it!

Shaun and his cousin, finally another boy!

Even the baby likes camping!!! Of course, Tri doesn't look that thrilled.

We found a creek and decided to show the kids what it was like to pan for gold.

Shaun thought there was an animal in the bushes.
As we were driving out we saw a sign that said "No fishing, swimming, or bathing" Oops, it didn't say no panning for gold, so we're ok, right?

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  1. Oh man!!! I wish I had gone fake camping with you guys! Except....that whole no bathroom thing...yeah, I am not interested. LOL Hope you're well!


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