Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mother's Beach

So, I have come to discover that my mom was crazy. That or she was hoping to knock off a few of her children. She never took us to Mother's beach when we were kids. We always went for the full on waves and rip tides of Seal Beach. No sissy children here.
I was 12 yrs old before I even knew Mother's beach existed and at 12 I was less than impressed. No waves, no boys, no go , in my book.

So like any good mom, who is crazy, I have always taken Shaun to Seal Beach, rip tides and all.
One day, Timarie and I decided to take the kids to Mother's Beach. While there were protests at first, and a constant reminder from children in the back seat that we were driving the wrong way and that water can't possibly exist that far inland we forged on. I think one or two of the kids might have even had a good time.

The baby is doing his Ray Charles impression. Pretty good, huh?

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