Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shaun is Home

Shaun came home from his dad's house Sunday Evening. We didn't have much time to hang out before bed time and then up again early in the morning for me to get to work. Monday evening we had cousins over for dinner and as you can see, things tend to get a little crazy around here.

Yes, the 11 year old does have cheese and sour cream all over her face. Who in charge here?
All evening I couldn't get over how much Shaun has grown and how much he looks like my brother. Of course, he wouldn't cooperate to take a picture so lots of candid "Hey Shaun" moments.
Another picture of the "So Mature" 11 yr old spitting water all over because she was laughing so hard. I wanted to see it come out her nose but she wouldn't let me take that picture.
T hasn't learned better yet, Aunt Shauna always gets her photos! There is no escape.
Hard to believe that a short while later all 3 of them were calmly sitting in the living room for Family Home Evening. We have been learning lessons from two books about the prophets when they were boys. It is a good reminder that even small things we teach our kids make a big difference when they grow up and for the kids, seeing how important it is to keep the commandments and read the scriptures even as munchkins, they really are never too young!

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  1. OH MY GOSH! I cannot believe how big they all are!! I have got to get down there to see you guys. I think November is still in the plans, I'll let you know.


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