Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shaun's party

This year Shaun had a spy/ mystery birthday party. His invitation was a puzzle that they had to decipher. The one and only time I have been glad to use Word. I typed it out and then changed the font to wingdings, then created a key at the bottom to tell them which letters were which picture.
your mission, should you choose to accept it is to decode this message and follow the instructions. if you decipher it correctly we will meet you at the rendezvous spot. use the code at the bottom to figure out when, where and what it is.
When they got here there was a clue that led to another, another, another, and another. At each spot they collected an ice cream topping for the desert. They had to run around the neighborhood to collect them all. Some were adding to get the address number, another was a street name cut into a puzzle. Another was a riddle. It was fun. Then we had desert and sang to him. Next was the pinata and then presents. For party favors we gave them 3D wooden puzzles from Michaels, animals, helicopters, and dinosaurs.

Shaun waited for these specific pokemon cards since Christmas. Grandma and Grampa Stokes gave him one set but I couldn't find the other. One day at Toys R Us, there they were.

Very surprised and happy.
One half of the gang...
and the other half on the couch watching Shaun open presents.
The line to swing at the pinata.
I just can't believe my baby is 9 years old!!!

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