Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Family Trip to Tahoe

My cousin was supposed to get married. The wedding is off but since we were all planning on being there anyway, my aunt and uncle rented a cabin in Tahoe for the weekend (by tahoe city). Shaun and I drove up Thurs. and stopped at this gas station. These are just a few fun sculptures and vehicles decorating the Chevron.

These pics are misleading. It is lightly sprinkling and rained continuously the whole weekend we were there. We did have a little fun jumping back and forth between CA and NV; CA, NV, CA NV, CA, NV, hehehe.
South Lake Tahoe-Shaun and Madzie
Ain't she too cute? Trying on glasses in a gift shop.
Don't forget the earmuffs.
Lindsey, Shaun, Madzie, and Jared with a couple of bears.

A lady walked in front of me taking the kids picture and volunteered to take this one. I'm almost never in the pics because I'm behind the camera.
John and Jared, the original Blues Brothers
Madzie Boop

It was actually a good time. On Friday night we had a story share. We all wrote down a story about ourselves and then we had to guess who it belonged to. It was very enlightening. It seems my mom attracts lewd men, my cousin steels keys and breaks into vacation houses, my aunt picked up marines with her cousin at age 13, and my dad spent a beer filled weekend in Mexico nearly escaping jail (he wasn't involved in the drinking or the reason for jail but it probably wouldn't have kept him from being thrown in with his friends.) I merely pretended to be blind while riding my bike and ran into the back of a parked truck. Just shows you never know!

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  1. Man, I had such a good time. We need to do it again, but next time...just you and me! Heart you!


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