Saturday, May 23, 2009

My garden

I pulled A LOT of weeds
and mixed A LOT of soil
and moved A LOT of bricks
and planted A LOT of seeds and plants.
This is my pretty garden. It is small but good for Shaun and I. Maybe next year I will add on and plant more stuff.
This year I have corn (above in the center, by the end of the hose), strawberries (in the hanging baskets), tomatoes, pumpkins (at the base of the corn), cherry tomato (in the pot on the ground), onions (in each of the bricks), bell peppers (next to the tomatoes), zucchini (the little plants at the base of the trellis), squash (bigger plant in front of the trellis), carrots (in the bricks), lettuce (in the bricks) and cilantro (in the bricks). I also have a rubbermade tote full of potatoes.

Now, I need to pull the rest of the weeds to be able to plant grass. Yes, that is a 6' dandelion. My yard is narrow but long 6'x40'. Just big enough for an awesome slip and slide. Maybe I can find a mini fruit tree to put in at the end, do they make mini avocado trees?

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