Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Easter 09

Shaun and Linzey got up early to see what the easter bunny had brought.
Out hunting eggs
Linzey finds one.
Shaun finds another. Tricky easter bunny.
Small rant: This was an ok Easter. It was one of those days that shows me exactly how far I need to come to really have Christ like love for everyone. Having a roommate isn't exactly easy for me. I am a very independent person and I consider Shaun and I to be a family. We do things as a family, we have FHE, and Family Prayer, and Family Scripture study, etc. just like every other family out there. I do not feel the need to include other people in my family. BUT Lorie and Linzey include themselves whenever they are around. 99% of the time it is ok but Easter was just not one of them. I have traditions, a way that I want to do things. I always have Shaun get dressed and eat breakfast before egg hunting because otherwise we are late for church. It also starts the day off on a spiritual note to have prayer before eating and time to talk about Easter, the real thing, instead of the easter bunny thing. A few years we have even done bunny stuff after church. Instead Lorie and Linzey invited themselves to our egg decorating (I was ok with that) but then in the morning it was total chaos. I was trying to get Shaun to do it our way and Linzey couldn't wait and Lorie is telling him not to do it. It was so not fun. Of course, we ended up late to church, no discussion at all about easter, no prayer, nothing. She bought him some stuff to put in his basket which totally made it overboard. I try to keep the bunny stuff small: a chocolate bunny, a toy, a few candies, and then the hunt. It was too much and then he wanted to take it to church with him, it was so not the way I wanted to celebrate the Atonement and Resurrection of our Savior.
I may just be making a big deal about nothing, but how would you feel if your next door neighbor showed up at your house easter morn at 7 am and took over your family's morning, traditions, and made you late for church? I guess someday I will be mature and charitable enough to not let stuff like this bother me. Until then thanks for listening to my rant.

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  1. Okay, yeah...I totally would have been bugged!! But then, if you think you're not Christlike enough I am in trouble because you are WAY better than me! LOL


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