Saturday, May 23, 2009

Clean House

Do you ever have those weeks when you really don't want to clean. I am not talking about the dislike of cleaning that everyone feels but one of those weeks where you do nothing, literally nothing. You know, you run the dishwasher when it gets full but don't empty it for a day, or two, or three, or until you run out of spoons and need to wash something else. You do laundry but it is now in a pile on the floor at the foot of your bed because that is where it landed when you kicked it off in your sleep. You only clean the bathroom when the counter is so dirty you don't want your kids to put their toothbrushes on it.
That is the way I have felt for the past week. The house was a disaster! There were dishes everywhere, dirty clothes Shaun had left behind in every room, sticky stuff on the kitchen floor and I really needed new sheets, but I still did nothing. We even lost the remote and I wasn't willing to clean the living room in order to find it, now that's bad!

So, I did what every girl should do, I called my sister and counted on her to inspire me to get up off my "rear view mirrors" as Shaun calls it and do something. Also, since people only come to visit when the house is dirty and when it's clean there is never a soul to be seen I decided to clean it all and then invite you in. Here is what my place really looks like, since no one but me ever sees it when it's beautiful.

I started in the kitchen. unloaded the dishwasher and loaded it and ran it again. That is chicken defrosting on my counter. Occasionally, I even cook!

I scrubbed the drip pans in the stove. I know that I have ranted and raved about baking soda before but here is the real proof. Non toxic, easy cleaning.
Before... ....and after.
It took about 2 min and a toothbrush to get the crevice and TADA, happy, shiny stove!

Then I cleaned the dining room. I even moved the table and vacuumed under it. I haven't yet gotten anything to cover up the pantry shelves and make it look nice. So if anyone has any good ideas for me pass them along.

Then I moved onto the living room.

Ignore the small boy playing on both the computer and his Nintendo DS and watching TV. He's just multi-talented!

Next came the bathroom. Ain't it pretty. Yes, those are really star fish on my wall. Yay, CA!

Last but not least my room. All there is left is Shaun's room but, frankly, I'm tired!

So, the next time you come over and there is more stuff on the carpet than there is carpet, or so much dust you are tempted to write in it, just pretend it looks like this!

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  1. House looks great! Fun to see where you are living. Cami


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