Friday, October 31, 2008

Ward Halloween Party

The Ward Halloween party was fun as usual. After the chili dogs and chips there were games for the kids, a costume parade, and trunk or treating.

Shaun decided to be "Azurill", for those of you who are not an eight year old boy, that is a pokemon. It is a mouse pokemon who's secret power is an iron, lightning tail that he can use to hit his enemies. I bought him a blue shirt and sweats, I made the hood and ears and tail. He wanted to wear the sweats over his shoes because Azurill doesn't wear shoes and pulling his sweats over his feet would hide his shoes. I made him undo it so as to not ruin his pants. He did wear them over his feet for gymnastics though, but he was barefoot, so dirty but not ruined.
Spencer was "Link"-when his mom asked him if he thought anyone would recognize him he stated that if they know the "triforce" then they will recognize me. How could I have missed that? The triforce, isn't it obvious?

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  1. I love knowing what's going on via your blog. Does visiting someones blog and commenting count as Visiting Teaching. I think not...but how are you anyway....and do you need anything.
    See you tomorrow.


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