Friday, October 31, 2008

trick or treating

They were gone trick or treating with Clint for over an hour and both came home with their bags full! We didn't have any trick or treaters come to our house though. I think because it is raised and has hedges around it people don't think of coming here. I finally sent the boys out to stand on the sidewalk and hand out the candy to children walking by.

Boys will be boys and they will always have goofy faces.
Before we went home so the boys could get dressed we stopped at Target to get some candy to pass out. As we walked to the car I spotted a rabbit in the parking lot. It was kinda weird to see a rabbit in the middle of the city in a parking lot. I tried to take a picture but in the dusk a dark rabbit against dark pavement doesn't come out very well. It was still fun!

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  1. cute! I mean manly and handsome! ;) Tell Shaun to remember me if he has any reeses pieces leftover!


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