Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pigs and Alpacas

Apparently there is actually an Alpaca day.
My parents decided to drive out and visit an alpaca farm. They have good, allergy free fur.
On our way we met Timarie, Mark, and the girls at the High School husbandry farm. The piglets were born the night before so we went to check them out.

Can you believe how big the piglet is?

Turkeys as well.
Momma and babies. They have to keep her in a cage like thing so that she doesn't accidentally lay on one of the babies.
Tri and the goat. All of these goats are pregnant-hence "husbandry" farm.
Now, time for the Alpacas...
The girls figured out how to attract the alpacas by feeding them.
The alpacas are not usually social with people but Kalee had almost all of them around her while she fed them hay.
Roam free as the wind...
All week I was getting the kids excited to go see the farm by calling them AAAALLLLLpacas (you have to imagine the pacas part really fast). AAAALLLLpacas, AAAAAALLLLLpacas, now you really want to go see them too don't you? AAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLpacas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shaun's teeth (or lack thereof) make for a great funny face.

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