Friday, October 31, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

Clint was in town this week and we stopped by a pumpkin patch. I made him sit with the scarecrows. Can you tell that he is less than excited to pose?

He chose a big pumpkin and a little pumpkin.

He thought that it was funny that there was a pumpkin big enough to be a seat.

Trying to lift the big pumpkin he chose.

Pumpkin heads

There were rides to go on. This is the Titanic.

Sliding down into the "water", pretending to be Leonardo Decaprio (just kidding).

There was also a petting zoo. He got a cup of food to feed the goats but as soon as he started to feed them the big one stole it out of his hand. He freaked out and wouldn't pet anymore animals. We tried to catch a rabbit to pet because he decided that they were ok. When we couldn't catch one the worker pulled this one out of the cage for him to hold, even though holding the animals is against the rules.
Shaun loves bunnies!!!

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