Sunday, December 27, 2009

More Thanksgiving

So I realized that these first three are the only pictures I took on the actual Thanksgiving day and as you can see not all that Thanksgivingy, but she sure is cute!

This is Erin's baby.
Look at those amazing eyes, they're actually hazel and not brown.
Brain wash children early so they know the correct teams to root for! We need a Dodgers hat too.

Sat. before Erin and the herd took off we all converged on In-n-out for a family lunch.
Kenz with her beautiful curls! Tri is diligently explaining something. We love our Webkinz.
The whole gag minus Mark who was inside getting ketchup or something.

When the mommy is away the daddy will play...nothing like feeding your daughter vanilla shake.

mmmmm.....she likes it.
Quick clean her up before mommy gets back and sees!

This is my cute stuff nephew that I lovingly refer to as "fatso" or "chubs"-don't worry I'll stop before he's old enough to develop a complex. You have to admit though, he is a BIG boy. He didn't get the memo that he is the third child and mom doesn't have time to sit and entertain him or carry him everywhere. So, when Aunt Shauna comes in and says "hiya, chubs" he smiles because he knows that he is going to get spoiled! This is his "yay, Aunt Shauna face"

This is what he looks like the rest of the time :)

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