Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Party(s)

Every year our Ward at church has a Christmas Party and every year we all line up in the hall to see Santa. They did it differently this year and had the kids go in by themselves and then the parents were supposed to come back later with their children if they wanted pictures. Well, that didn't work out so well. 1. I need to hear what Shaun asks for because inevitably it is some off the wall thing that he hasn't mentioned and I never would have thought he would want. 2. For me, visits with Santa won't last forever and I want to be there. This is one of those "parent" moments where you get to enjoy your kids being kids. You know, the ones that make it worth not killing your children. 3. It didn't work and at the end of the night, this, is the picture I ended up with. No, Shaun is not possessed. His dad took him for a hair cut (waaaaaay toooooo short) and he has no eyebrows so if you get him at this angle he looks, shocked? weird? evil?
We have been lucky enough to attend two wards this year. We still go to Los Al ward and then drive quickly over to Atherton so I can attend the mid-singles sunday school class. This picture is at the Atherton ward party. A much better picture.

The missionaries asked Santa for more investigators and warm weather to tract in.

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