Thursday, December 24, 2009

Goin' to the Temple and the park

The weekend before Thanksgiving my sister Erin, her husband Justin, and her girls came down for a friends wedding at the San Diego Temple.
While they were there, I took the kids to the park.

Here's Shaun being his regular monkey self.
Kenz showed me how she could get inside the dome...she climbed up one triangle and...

...through onto the ground. I love that it never occurred to her to duck under the bar to get in.
Madz first tackled the climbing wall. She was brave and strong until she got to the top.
Shaun is just the opposite. He doubted he could do it but once he decided he tackled it no prob.
Playing with Reegz. She loves the slide.
Oops, she slid a little too much.
Over sized turtle fun.
A seagull kept trying to steal Kenz's lunch so she kept a tight hold.
You can't leave a park without rolling down the hills on the way to the car.
Love them curls!
Nothing says "we had a good time" like grass stains!

Back at the Temple we picked up Erin and Justin. One quick family picture.

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