Saturday, February 28, 2009

Go Angels!!!!

Shaun received the game ball for his efforts today. He was hit by the ball, hard, at his first at bat, in his first game, ever. He is seriously bruised, but he got up and took the base. Then, he stole second, stole third, and ran home. The smile on his face looked as though he had just won the World Series. He was pumping his fist and cheering and jumping up and down once he scored.
Shaun in far right.
Shaun not paying attention in far right.
I think I am going to buy stock in Oxyclean because we will all be buying a lot more now that it only takes 30 seconds for baseball pants to get dirt and grass stains even before the game begins.

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  1. Way to go Shaun!!!!!and Shauna for the laundry. I wonder if they give out an MVP for laundry.


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