Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Road Rash

My car has been acting up (it is over 200,000 miles old) and so I have been trying not to drive it as much as possible. I decided we would walk to the RS B-day party, I figured it would be good exercise. Then Shaun told me he was going to rollerskate instead of walk. I had just taken a "real age" test today which told me I am "really" only 18 so I thought "hey, if he can skate, I can rollerblade." It is only about a half mile to the church so it would be a work out but not too bad "I can do it!" Until I met a really steep driveway. It was nicely textured too. I rolled down, my left foot went more left, I pitched forward and over I went. Right onto my hands and leg. Here are the results of my rolling adventures. Just a little road rash.


  1. I am proud of you for the attempt. Fun to talk today.

  2. Ouch!!!! Facebook may think you are 18, but your rollerblades know differently. That's going to itch next week!


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