Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Still working at it

After 15 days I have lost 10lbs. I walked for 65 min yesterday but I have been very lax with the exercise for the past week. Shaun was sick last week and I have a cold now so I have been lazy. I know I need to ramp it up to keep up with my goals.
So I want to get going again! Just as soon as I can breathe once again, and walk around without a piece of tissue stuck up my nose.

The rest of today has been a comedy of errors:
I was supposed to work today but last night, just on a whim I called to check on the job and was told that it was canceled. I am really glad I called because it would have really ticked me off to drive to Midway City (south of Westminster) at 7:30a only to be told I didn't have a job. As it was I turned down a chance to work in Los Al because I thought I had a job. They are supposed to call me and tell me when a job is canceled.

Also, Clint wants me to drive up to Vegas so that he can pick Shaun up there and take him home for the weekend. I'll drive back to pick him up on Sunday. Problem was that I wouldn't have the money for gas until I got my check from him. So, to make sure it got there on time he decided to just deposit it in my account in UT. He didn't get it done Sat. and not until Mon. night. Meantime, Shaun was going through my day planner Sun. evening and lost my bankcard. So, I have no way to access that money now. If he had put it in on Sat. I could have withdrawn it right away and losing the card would just have been an inconvenience instead of a disaster.

I went this morning to get the quote and check from the ins. co. of the guy that hit me. Only they forgot to tell the estimator that he was supposed to give me a check so now they have to overnight it to me. I may be working tomorrow so it should arrive at my dad's office tomorrow sometime. The problem with that is that I needed it today because SHHHHH... I am not going to repair my trunk. Instead I will get a new clutch and tune up so that my car can actually make it back and forth twice to Vegas and run wonderfully even with a million miles on it. So now I'm really hoping that it gets here tomorrow and that there is time to get the car back together before I have to go on Thurs.

I was also going to go back to the dentist and have him fix a filling that is bothering me. I wanted to wait until I had the ins. money so I could have him fix another tooth at the same time and save some money on anesthetic. Meanwhile, another filling actually fell out last night as I was brushing my teeth. It was on the front of my tooth and the edge had not been smoothed down properly so I guess the brush caught the edge and took off the whole thing.

I also have to register Shaun for piano lessons, he's starting Thurs. and gymnastics, hes starting Tues. neither of which I can do without my bankcard or the ins. check. Basically, I had budgeted money to get me through until Sat. and have been living on $1.75 since. I still have $.67 left so that's good living.

You know life sometimes gets to be ridiculous. You can decide to laugh or cry, but you look much better if you're laughing. I have learned not to complain too much about anything because it can always be worse and will get worse if you are not grateful for what you have. I have also learned that life is never fair and when you are trying to do your best you often find yourself in the middle of your worst trials. Sometimes I almost fear really studying my scriptures because it seems as soon as I really make that a priority Satan tries harder to take me down.
Right now I have a wonderful kid who loves me, a roof over my head, food in my fridge, and the Holy Ghost with me where ever I go. Can't ask for much more, even if sometimes I'd like to. I really do have a pretty good life.

Love ya guys, and congrats to my littlest sis. who has a brand new cutie (even if I can't pronounce her middle name). Shauna

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