Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fail Blog

Noelle had this on her blog and I loved these so much that I decided to share.

It is basically a website for all the dumb stuff people try in their lifetimes.
check out the site for yourself. See what your favorites are. Hit the rated G photos and movies if there are kids anywhere near you. It's not bad but not something I would let my 8 year old see.

Mom, this one is just for you.

Just hope you never get this text message. Dear Dad...

Happy Father's Day!!!

OK I think I may have tried this. Oh, wait, it was balancing a crock pot between my feet.
Aisle 11 is Jelly and Jelly, 13 is Mayo and Mayo

For all of the "Whoops" children out there.

Your public transit dollars at work.

I think I'm going to need a bigger box!

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  1. I love that site! You'll love this site too . . .

    Way too funny! Hey, congrats on your weight loss. You're almost to 5%. I've found that people start to notice around 10%. Clothes start to notice too.


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