Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Morning

Shaun's favorite gift was a bell from Santa. It came with a special note telling Shaun how happy Santa is that he is such a good boy and that he understands that he tries to be good even when it's hard. The bell is a special gift for him because he continues to believe.
Shaun is a big Stitch fan.
This book is the first in a series about how Peter became Pan and Neverland began to be.
Wall-e too!
No Christmas would be complete without something Thomas. Santa brought Christmas Thomas.
I gave the fabric that Shaun wanted to Santa's elves to make him a coat. The outside is a soft Corderoy and the inside is space ship and planet print fleece. Unfortunately, his elf didn't finish his coat until 3am Christmas morning. That was one tired elf!!!
Shaun made these ornaments out of cinnamon for me at school.

Juggling balls
Shaun's skate broke about two weeks before Christmas so Santa brought him new ones. I could tel that he enjoyed them because he put them on about 8:30am and didn't take them off until 1:30pm at my parents house when Grandma insisted he not wear them in the house.
Santa even brought me a few things. Roller blades mean that I now have to go skating with Shaun.

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