Friday, January 6, 2012

Migraine in the making

Wednesday and Thursday were a bit of a challenge. I help my mom sew capes for a company that sells them to members of the Knights of Columbus, a catholic group. It gives me a little extra cash to supplement unemployment. I needed some money to have enough for rent, so I started work on 6 capes. All day Wed I cut and sewed and played with Ryan, my nephew, and did some laundry and cleaned a little at my mom and dad's house. It was a loooooong day on my feet. I kept going once I got home and was awake sewing until after 2am.
I headed for bed about 2:30 but the dog kept scratching at the door and front window. Yes, I was the insane person in my front yard walking my dog until 3am. I finally got to sleep and woke up at 8am. Got up and spent all day sewing again. Finally I ran over to my mom and dad's to print out an invoice for them. I had to add toner in order to print and stopped to help my niece with her math homework so I was there over an hour. I needed gas and to stop at Joann's for snaps get dinner and then head home. It was after 8pm by the time I got home to Shaun.
Shaun had been sick all day, he had thrown up several times. the first time he made it to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet but then thought he was done and closed the lid. Bummer he wasn't done and threw up all over the wall behind the toilet, the painting, the toilet lid and floor. I thought it would be easy to wipe down with my mop, which I then remembered had broken on Monday. On my hands and knees I cleaned up the "over medium eggs" vomit. He went back to the couch and took a nap. Later he got up again, ran past the trash can he didn't see and into the doorway of the bathroom and threw up on the carpet and floor.
By the time I got home at 8pm he had showered too in order to clean up and feel better. We ate until 8:45pm and then I ran to get a money order to pay rent. I headed to Walmart where I was told that in the city of Long Beach money orders cannot be created after 8pm, no idea why. I was referred to another Walmart in an area I wouldn't visit in the daytime let alone 9pm. I headed to Ralph's just outside of Long Beach and was told their money center also closes at 8pm. I headed to another Walmart several miles away because their money center was open until 10pm. When I arrived I stood there for 5 minutes listening to the manager and cashier talk about how to ring up gum and batteries on sale. I was about to explode. Finally I tried to pay for the money order and the debt card wouldn't go through. I knew the money was in there, but it gave us a wierd code that no one knew what it was. After 25 minutes and several phone calls later we discovered that their system cannot use more than one type of payment. So 3 money orders later at 10:05 pm I walked out of Walmart, drove all the way back to Long Beach. Took a 5 mile detour because my exit was closed for construction and there is no other way to get around that area and finally dropped off my rent. I got home, tucked my sick boy into bed, walked the dog and fell into my own bed about 1am.
Friday I woke at 8am again and sewed for another day. with a splitting migraine. I finally finished, but I am exhausted with no energy to clean my house which has been ignored for three whole days and is under piles of mess. I think I am going to make some popcorn and watch tv until my brain turns into a gelatenous mess.

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