Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trust the Lord and lean not to thy own understanding

I love it when something comes along that reinforces what the Gospel has said all along.
We can easily see that the Word of Wisdom telling us not to use tobacco 150 years before the government did was a good thing. Now alcohol-even the smallest bit of alcohol is linked to increased breast cancer. We all know that eating fruits and veggies is what's best.

Here's another one that I want to add to the list:
We have been encouraged to have mom's stay home with the kids if at all possible. Some might say that is sexist and decreases a woman's happiness and suppresses her talents.
Today I was reading an economic article that talks about the dollar for dollar effects of women entering the work place. Not "trends" or "feelings" that are hard to prove, but real live numbers.

It showed that most people marry someone at about their same level of education and economic status or ability. Therefore, professionals usually marry professionals, and Taco Bell employees marry other low income individuals.
The rich marry the rich and become richer and the poor marry the poor and the economic disparity widens. The results society wide are that most families are not better off having both parents working. We have decreased our buying power over the last 30-40 years and polarized the wealth simply by putting mom's in jobs.

I personally have benefited from a workplace that is more accepting of womens abilities and acknowledgment that women can do a job just as well as a man. I have to work or else we would be living back at my parents house and nobody wants that.
I'm not saying to go back to the dark ages of sexism but we should follow Gospels teachings
1) that we are all childrenn of God and therefore equals and should treat each other accordingly. 2) a family needs both parents
3) Occasionally God knows more than we do and we would all be better off if we listened and did what he said!

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